Frosted creme-filled devils food cake rolls




Another classic Drake's favorite. Not to be mistaken with a term for those who might yodel, although these tasty cakes might have you singing.

Our signature devils food cake is rolled with a layer of rich Drake's vanilla-flavored creme to create a fun swirl. This perfect blend of cake and creme is then covered in our Drake's chocolate-flavored frosting.

Ten twin-wrapped cakes per carton leave these cakes open to many opportunities. Maybe they're a miniature yule log for the holidays, or try them frozen for a delicious warm-weather treat. They're also the perfect size to stick in a lunchbox, purse or pocket. And let's be clear, twin-wrapped doesn't mean that you have to share. Yodel with a friend or Yodel on your own, we don't judge.

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher