Alpine Yodels

Frosted creme-filled yellow cake rolls




DrakeÔÇÖs Alpine Yodels are a refreshing take on our classic Yodels┬« cake rolls. TheyÔÇÖre still a yodel of a time, but a perfect treat for our vanilla lovers. 

What makes them so tasty? We replaced our devils food cake with a moist yellow cake and rolled it with our classic vanilla-flavored creme. Then we covered our cake rolls in a smooth, white frosting creating the perfect snack.

They have been conveniently twin-wrapped with ten (10) rolls per carton. Try them frozen for a truly chilling experience, or add them to an ice cream sundae for a wintery concoction. You can also enjoy them as a mid-day snack, or add them to your child's lunchbox as a sweet surprise.

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher