Cookies & Creme Brownies

Brownies Topped with White Icing and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles




Webster screams, you scream, we all scream for... brownies?! That's right! We've taken a crowd favorite ice cream flavor and combined it with our delicious Drake's® brownies. After all, why should we settle for only one treat at a time?

Our fudgy brownies are the perfect sweet tooth satisfier, but we don't stop there. We've topped these brownies with a velvety, white icing and top them off with chocolate cookie crumbles to add a bit of a crunch to these decadent treats. Cookies & Creme Brownies are one of Webster's new favorites, and we trust the duck.

Drake's® Cookies & Creme Brownies are individually wrapped making them all ready to bring the ice cream parlor to you wherever you go. They come six per box, so you could make a few ice cream sandwiches or make them the lunch box dessert for the whole work or school week with one left over. Follow the cookie trail, and get a box today! 

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher
Cookies & Creme Brownies

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