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Mini Pound Cakes



A tradition that's been in the baking for over 120 years, we've brought back a classic Drake's® cake! Delicious, moist and just the right amount, our Mini Pound Cakes are the snack you've been waiting for. Something this classic, with a taste this great, could never go out of style.

Newman Drake, the founder of Drake's® Cakes, first started the company by baking various flavors of pound cakes. His cakes quickly became a local sensation in Harlem, New York City. Today, we want to give you a classic treat for the current times. With our Mini Pound Cakes, you get all the classic fluffy texture and fresh flavor in a new package perfect for an on-the-go snack.

Drake's® Mini Pound Cakes are individually wrapped and come six per box. They're ready to easily be your quick snack, breakfast staple or evening treat. But these Mini Pound Cakes are also begging to be dressed up with your favorite fruit, ice cream or become a base for an exciting dessert creation. Don't wait another 120 years to try these delicious Mini Pound Cakes!

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher