Fudge Dipped Devil Dogs®

Frosted devils food cakes sandwiching a layer of creme




How do you take a classic cake and make it even better? It was a big challenge, and it wasn't easy, but we believe we've found the perfect spin on our original Devil Dogs.

We took iconic Devil Dogs, two classic Drake's devils food cakes sandwiched around rich Drake's vanilla creme, and fully enrobed them in delicious dark fudge. It's truly the most exciting and delicious thing to happen to Devil Dogs in 90 years!

Whether you're a long-time Devil Dog diehard, or a Drake's novice, you'll love everything that this cake has going on. The crunch of the fudge coating combined with the soft devils food cake and creamy filling make a perfect trifecta. Our dark fudge complements our devils food cake amazingly to contrast with the sweet vanilla creme found inside. It's safe to say that our take on this classic is a modern day work of art.

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher