Yankee Doodles®

Creme-Filled Devils Food Cupcakes




A genuine classic, Drake's chocolatey, cremey cupcakes have been Yankee Doodle dandy since 1928. This decadent, creme-filled cake isn't reserved for Yankees alone, and we want to share this classic with everybody.

Yankee Doodles are made of Drake's delicious devils food cake and filled with rich Drake's vanilla creme. So, think about your typical chocolate cupcakes, but the creamy frosting that is normally on top sliding around is spread in the center of our cupcakes and makes for the perfect moist, easy eating experience. Basically, our Yankee Doodles take a kid's party classic and bump it up to Drake's Cakes level to bring you a sensational treat you can enjoy any day.

Each carton contains eight individually wrapped Yankee Doodles for your eating pleasure. That's a little over a week of daily Yankee Doodle enjoyment unless you're anything like us, and then it's about a two-day ration, so be sure to stock up!

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher