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Crack a smile with Funny Bones®

A showstopper of the Drake's lineup is our delicious Funny Bones. With its rich peanut butter creme center inside of our classic devils food cake everyone is sure to love our take on the classic combo. Plus, it's dipped in fudge so you might need a glass of milk to wash down all the goodness. Grab a box today for a truly amusing taste experience! 


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Try a new spin on one of your favorite Drake's Cake with our newest recipes - Fabricaketions! From scrumptious Coffee Cake Tiramisu Cups to Yodels® Candy Sushi Rolls, there is something fun, delightful and tasty waiting for you to try. Check them out by clicking below!


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Whether you need to stock your pantry with Devil Dogs®, or you want to try Alpine Yodels, Drake's delivers! Shop our tasty cakes and fun merch like socks, shirts and more all day, any day online!


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