A Baking Legacy Begins

Newman Drake entered the baking business with Vanderveer & Holmes Biscuit Company, a leading baker of quality crackers and cookies. Newman became a foreman in the bakery by 1891. 


A Baking Legacy Begins

Newman Drake opened the N.E. Drake Baking Company on 135th Street in Harlem in New York City. He baked pound cakes of various kinds, which quickly became local favorites.


Brothers in Baking

Joined by his brother Charles, Newman opened another bakery in Brooklyn’s bustling Wallabout Market, close to the source of ingredients. The Bakery was incorporated as the Drake Brothers Company.


Drake’s Expansion in Boston

The Drake brothers opened a bakery in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. 


Genuine Drake’s

Drake’s cakes were originally sold as large cakes that were cut to order by grocers. To insure that shoppers bought genuine Drake’s Cakes, they were baked with paper pan liner that was perforated with the Drake’s brand name.

The Drake brothers built a five-story bakery in Brooklyn that included a rooftop garden for employees to enjoy during their breaks.


Reliable Deliveries

This truck, one of the few in the Boston bakery fleet, was recognized by an early trucking magazine for operating 14 months without the loss of a day of service.


New Name. New Bakery.

At 63 years of age, Newman reincorporated the company as Drake Bakeries, Inc., and brought in third-generation baker Ralph Ward as president. Drake opened a third bakery in New Jersey. The forward-thinking company used electric delivery vehicles.


An Icon is Born

Drake’s Devil Dogs® cakes first made the scene. Two delicious devils food cakes with creme filling soon became a popular snack. Today, Devil Dogs® are an icon of the Drake’s brand. 


A Dandy Snack

Yankee Doodles® cakes originated from the Yankee Cake Company in Providence, Rhode Island, which later merged with Drake Bakeries.


A Legacy Beyond Baking

On March 18, 1930, Newman Drake passed away at the age of 69. Before his passing, Newman donated land for the first park in his hometown of Newton, New Jersey, which is named Memory Park.

Dawn of a Classic

Drake's perked up taste buds with the launch of the now famous Coffee Cakes.


Drake's on the World Stage

Drake’s participated in the 1939 New York World’s Fair with an exhibit called the Drake’s Cake Stand.  


A High Note in History

Drake’s strikes a chord with the launch of Ring Dings® cakes. Often imitated. Never duplicated.  


Still Leaves 'Em Laughing

Funny Bones® cakes have been tickling the fancies of consumers since 1961.


Roll with the Times

Drake’s was on a roll with the launch of Yodels® cakes.


The All-American Snack

Originally introduced as Fruit Doodles, Drake’s Fruit Pies are still a fan favorite today.


A Duck by Any Other Name

Consumers were invited to participate in a contest to name the faithful duck mascot. Webster was the winner!


Welcome Home, Webster!

After 117 years, the Drake’s brand is again family owned. McKee Foods, a fourth-generation family bakery, is delighted to bake Drake’s® Cakes.



Drake's celebrates 120 years of delicious tradition!

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