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Yesterday, 10:21 AM ET
Who needs a spoon when you can have your Chocolate Pudding in Snack Pie form?
June 22, 10:54 AM ET
Floppy disks couldn't even store this much flavor.
June 19, 11:19 AM ET
Do you ever wonder if Funny Bones that get packaged together turn into best friends?
June 18, 9:56 AM ET
Whatever fills your tank on #FathersDay, make it delicious.
June 13, 11:12 AM ET
Is there even another way to describe Devil Dogs?
June 6, 11:51 AM ET
We made this Yodels screen saver just so we could watch it hit the corners.
June 1, 12:28 PM ET
Man the snacking stations, and prepare yourself for the latest installment in the Drake's arsenal. Introducing an epic addition to our hunger-fighting bastion, Chocolate Pudding Snack Pies.
June 2, 5:38 AM ET
When someone asks how many Donut Delites you're going to eat today.
May 31, 11:50 AM ET
We've got a filling something big is about to happen. Brace yourselves; it might sur-pies you.
May 30, 11:24 AM ET
Devil Dog Caramel Ice Cream Dream Cake. Do we need to say anything else? #CookingWithWebster
May 28, 7:21 AM ET
Looks like somebody's ready for the long weekend.
May 25, 1:18 PM ET
Yes, we are absolutely tempting you with Funny Bones and milk. Would we really be doing our job if we didn't?
May 23, 11:46 AM ET
Our reaction to Ring Dings, every time.
May 17, 7:38 AM ET
May 16, 5:29 AM ET
Cherry Fruit Pie looks great on you, girl.
May 14, 5:18 AM ET
Dear Mom, Thanks for always keeping the house stocked with Drake's. It's about time someone returned the favor. #HappyMothersDay! Love, Your Thankful Children
May 8, 12:31 PM ET
We tried to make a Yankee Doodles glamour video, but SOMEONE couldn't stop eating them all JESSICA.
May 4, 12:41 PM ET
Snackable, yet fashionable.
May 2, 11:14 AM ET
Yodels taste the same in black & white.
April 28, 6:28 AM ET
You are getting veeeeeeerrry huuuuuuungrrrry for Honey Buns.
April 24, 7:59 AM ET
Believe your eyes (and ears). Yankee Doodles are coming to stores soon!
April 20, 10:34 AM ET
This has to mean something.
April 20, 10:34 AM ET
Put a feather in your hat and saddle up your pony. Big news is riding into town on 4/24.
April 18, 5:24 AM ET
Watch this episode of #CookingWithWebster and learn how to make a stunning, yet simple Coffee Cakes breakfast!
April 13, 10:55 AM ET
When things aren't rolling your way, Ring Dings are always there for you.

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