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Yesterday, 3:04 PM ET
Are you enjoying the #Sweet16? What has been your go-to Drake's snack?
Yesterday, 12:50 PM ET
Many Funny Bones fans have not seen our previous posts about when Funny Bones will be returning. Construction is under way and work to return your favorite peanut butter and chocolate indulgence is progressing nicely. We anticipate that Funny Bones will be back in stores fall of 2015. We know it's hard to be without Funny Bones, but rest assured, we're working every day to bring them back to you.
March 26, 1:16 PM ET
In 1888, Newman E. Drake developed his famous pound cake recipe after visiting an English bakery. #ThrowbackThursday
March 25, 1:04 PM ET
New single-serve Yodels make it easy to take a little happiness wherever you go.
March 24, 2:16 PM ET
You don't have to be a dog person to love Devil Dogs. It's a fact.
March 23, 3:25 PM ET
Hey, baseball fans! Explore everything major league with “The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip” book. Find the details on our fruit pie boxes.
March 23, 12:01 PM ET
Stomach rumbling? Listen to your craving.
March 20, 1:53 PM ET
It's the weekend! Celebrate with a Ring Ding.
March 19, 1:36 PM ET
Yodels were first produced in 1963. #ThrowbackThursday
March 18, 3:43 PM ET
Treat yourself to a Fruit Pie today!
March 18, 12:31 PM ET
Was your kitchen always stocked with Drake's Cakes when you were a kid, or were they just for special occasions?
March 17, 3:56 PM ET
Can't find a pot o' gold? Try some golden Drake's Coffee Cakes. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 16, 1:59 PM ET
Are Devil Dogs your favorite Drake's Cake?
March 13, 11:44 AM ET
Tomorrow is Pi Day! Nothing wrong with celebrating a little early...
March 12, 4:25 PM ET
It's easier than ever to find your favorite Drake's Cakes on shelves. Try our product locator: http://bit.ly/1Aqa8mq
March 12, 12:41 PM ET
By 1944, gross sales for Drake's products had grown to $12.1 million. #ThrowbackThursday
March 11, 1:13 PM ET
Nothing is better than a Ring Ding. Except single-serve Ring Dings made for snacking on the go.
March 10, 1:50 PM ET
Do you like our donuts powdered or frosted?
March 9, 1:00 PM ET
The world is a better place with a box of Yodels nearby.
March 6, 1:39 PM ET
Hungry? Get your hands on a deliciously snackable, single-serve Cherry Fruit Pie.
March 5, 11:41 AM ET
The Drake Baking Company made a grand total of $3.24 on its first day of sales. #ThrowbackThursday
March 4, 3:43 PM ET
It's National Pound Cake Day! Did you know that pound cake was the first Drake's product ever sold?
March 4, 12:00 PM ET
All you need is LOVE, and Webster loves Drake's fans! Thanks for guessing this week! #WheresWebster
March 3, 2:37 PM ET
What's that? Oh, just your sweet tooth calling.
March 2, 1:08 PM ET
Still have the sleepies? Wake up with Coffee Cakes!

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