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Press Information:

Drake's® Funny Bones® Cakes Return After Much Anticipation (October 1, 2015)
Drake's® Fruit Pies Are Coming Back! (August 1, 2014)
• McKee Foods Announces the Return of Drake's® Cakes!  (September 19, 2013)
• McKee Foods Selected as Winning Bidder for Drake's®   (March 14, 2013)
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Downloadable Images:

Drake's(R) Funny Bones(R) Cakes  
Drake's(R) Fruit Pies Apple Drake's(R) Fruit Pies Cherry
Drake's(R) Devil Dogs (R) Cakes Drake's(R) Coffe Cakes
Drake's(R) Ring Dings (R) Cakes Drake's(R) Yodels (R) Cakes
Drake's(R) Cakes Color Logo Drake's(R) Cakes Black and White Logo


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